Leeds slimming Blog Twenty Four- by Nigel McDermid

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Leeds slimming Blog Twenty Three

Slimming Nigel

Slimming Nigel

Indoor slimming by Nigel McDermid

When I went to Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic and signed up for the Man Up Lose Weight programme, I don’t recall Danny mentioning, at the start, much about physical exertion.

The initial focus was on educating me about my eating habits and it was only later that we got on to the benefits of keeping active.

Since then I’ve been fairly happy to haul myself off the sofa now and then and take a stroll.

Slimming by walking to the shops

One habit I’ve developed, is to walk to the shops rather than jump in the motor. I strap on a rucksack which I can then cram with essential groceries – healthiest stuff at the top, of course, just in case I’m stopped and searched by Man Up agents, even though I’m pretty sure they exist only in my head.

The one bother of this shopping lark is that we’re at the time of year when the weather makes me feel like I’m Lawrence Oates announcing that he “might be some time” before stepping out into an Antarctic blizzard and on into heroic history.

So I’ve been staying in and watching a bit more telly.

Slimming before exercise

One programme I caught on BBC catch up was the first episode of the new series of Trust Me, I’m a Doctor. An interesting revelation was that men lose more fat exercising before eating, while women lose more fat after eating. If I was following what they were saying with any accuracy, it seems no-one’s exactly sure why this should be – just that it is.

I thought that this was cool because once the rain is not coming in at a horizontal level and I can resume shopping with my rucksack, I will be walking before eating (because I have to get to the shops to buy the food). Another shopping factor pleasing to my morale is that the laden rucksack, that I return from the supermarket with, actually weighs less than the fat I’ve dumped since joining the Man Up programme and this indicates to me just what a lump of lard I once was.

Slimming with house hold chores

Anyway, back to Trust Me I’m a Doctor – the presenters, just like The Man Up programme, put great emphasis on being active without having to embrace some punishing SAS-style fitness regime. Their suggestions include stretching a lot while towelling yourself dry after a shower – yes I’m ok with that – and another one involves exaggerated movement while vacuuming, which looks a bit like Monty Python’s Minister for Silly Walks meets hoovering the front room rug. My advice would be to make sure you draw the curtains before getting out the Dyson.

Slimming by decorating

One bit of house-bound PE I thought I’d have a go at which I don’t think was mentioned on Trust Me, was decorating. I stretched those thighs as alluringly as possible as I climbed the stepladder and – up 1, 2 and then down 1,2 – applied a matt finish to the coving with as much ergonomic ease as I could master. One thing to note, though – OneCoat paint, doesn’t do what it says on the tin. No it does not. ThreeCoat would be more accurate – something I’ll be dwelling on profoundly as I mince my way back up that stepladder yet again. It’s the sort of thing that makes me think I’ll need to be calling in on Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic again pretty soon – not for weight loss this time but for a vigorous course of anger management therapy.