Leeds Weight-Loss Blog Twenty Three- by Nigel McDermid

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Weight Loss Hypnosis- Survival of the Fittest not the Fattest

A slimmer parsnip head

The old belt and braces survived the strain of the festive season, I’m happy to report – thanks, of course, to Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic’s Man Up Lose Weight programme.

For myself, the Yuletide battle of the bulge never quite flared into wholesale conflict even if a few skirmishes with Bailey’s and a variety of bottled beers could have claimed me as a Christmas casualty.

It must have been my survival training on the hypnosis sofa that pulled me through; as bellies inflated like barrage balloons and bellicose belching broke out at parties up and down the country, I managed to keep my head down low enough to blunder into 2016 relatively unscathed. At least I was able to tread on the weighing scales without them erupting like some improvised explosive device.

Admittedly, I didn’t actually lose any weight over the two-week holiday period but, importantly, I was no fatter either.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Hope

And this gives me plenty of hope of now marching confidently onwards, my sights set on that target weight of 13 stone and 11 pounds.

Of course, I’m still in the overweight battalion but I bade farewell to the obese division quite some time ago. The healthy-weight foothills now loom on the horizon.

And so they can for everyone.

The truth about Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

What the Man Up programme taught me over the latter part of last year was mindfulness. I can see I have choices. If I remain fat it’s because I have taken the decision to be so – even though I might prefer to blame other factors. Other factors, I now understand are excuses.

I read only the other day that more than half the UK population consider themselves to be overweight. And I dare say most of them are. But like me, they can do something about it. They’ve at least admitted they are overweight – something it took me years to recognise in myself as I was very good at kidding myself I was just a big-build bloke. It wasn’t until I admitted I was fat that it became possible to tackle the problem (by which time my weight really was becoming a problem – and not just in the comical broken sofa sense but in health terms).

And so far so good.

You can also lose weight and slim down in Leeds

So, if you’ve a mind to be slimmer and healthier yourself, I’d be happy to point you in the direction of Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, simply because I know the programme works. Happy new year.