Leeds Weight-Loss Blog Twenty Two- by Nigel McDermid

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Nigel Weight LossLosing weight can be fun with hypnotherapy in Leeds

When I first decided slimming down might be a better plan than having the sofa re-sprung, I went to see Danny at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic and he said, “Man Up Lose Weight is a fun programme based on serious principles.”
I eyed him suspiciously.
What he was saying sounded OK.
But being his father, I knew this was just the sort of wordy wizardry he likes to use to try to mentally nutmeg me.
Yet now, six months down the road and more than three-and-a-half stone lighter, I suppose I have to admit he was talking some sense.
I guess, I’ve come to trust Danny’s judgement over the past few years.
There was the time he told me to fix the windscreen wipers before my trip to Manchester; there was the time he told me not to give my bank details to that bloke who rang me from Mumbai.
Then after last week’s blog when I had happened to mention my haemorrhoid, er, nightmare, he said “you really want to get those things checked out,” and I thought , “fair enough.”
Only when the nurse asked me to remove my trousers and I heard the snap of latex gloves, did any doubts arise.
Had Danny’s reassuring tone been thought through thoroughly, I wondered?
I stared at the wall, laid on my side and the lubed-up nurse said kindly, “you might feel a bit of discomfort.”
Well, I’ve got to admit the old eyes did water a bit.
Minutes later I was being invited to sit next to the laptop while the nurse typed away. Hovering an inch or so above the chair, I observed her hands were a mite smaller than I’d imagined.
She prescribed something called rectal steroid foam, which will be applied by myself, (doubtless to everyone’s relief), using the kind of apparatus you might otherwise expect to find at Ann Summers wannabe stores.
Or maybe B&Q.
I doubt, unlike Man Up Lose Weight treatment, my rectal repairs can be categorised quite as a “fun programme based on serious principles” but then again I did have a sheltered upbringing.
Despite all this perceived indignity, I know that the decision to drag my sorry self arse to the surgery had been a good one, even if my normal instinct is to shun medical advice on account of extreme cowardism.
But, with piles a bleeding, I had a choice to make and I took the reasoned step to sort out a worry by seeking help that was readily available.
And assuming I can operate the pump-action rectal foam dispenser without causing further injury, I’ll hopefully have one thing less to fret about in a week or two.
And I guess this same principle of doing the wise thing applies to other situations, such as when people want to lose weight – start by recognising that help exists at such places as Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic.
An added bonus, of course, is that hypnotherapists don’t need to wear latex gloves.