Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Leeds 2016- Man Up

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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Leeds 2016 – Man Up Lose Weight

Weight loss hypnotherapy LeedsA happy new year to all from Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, especially to those who would like to make 2016 the year they do something positive for their well-being – such as embark on a weight loss hypnotherapy programme slim down to a healthy weight.

It’s around about now that thousands of people throughout the UK – weighed down by guilt and extra lard accumulated over Christmas – decide they are going to have to starve themselves for the whole of January. (Though they may allow themselves one final food and drink binge on January 1 itself).

Such resolutions are usually born of despair – prompted by an alarming realisation that your waistline has expanded an inch or two since you last took out the old tape measure or your bathroom scales actually groaned when you stood on them this morning.

The fat alarms are ringing loudly. Poundage panic is rife.

But despair is a negative emotion.

At Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic our Man Up weight loss hypnotherapy programme promotes awareness. We teach clients to be positive – to be optimistic – to actually enjoy slimming down to their ideal weight by eating sensibly and adopting an overall healthier lifestyle. We help people realise they have a choice not to be fat and that being a healthy weight need not be a burden.

The wrong weight loss strategies

The feast-and-famine strategy that so many people adopt in the hope of shedding fat quickly all too often fails because individuals soon feel demotivated or deeply depressed. All those good intentions, pledges and promises – those punishing gym sessions before work –that bland penal-like diet – can soon slip away, leaving the individual feeling so down that they feel the only answer is to abandon false hope and embark on another bout of overeating and mega boozing. Finding excuses is all too easy. And so the cycle goes on.Leeds Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

The Man Up Lose Weight programme promoted by Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic approaches healthy weight loss differently. It teaches awareness and how to plan ahead without the need for what were once called crash diets. Losing weight should not be seen as a punishment. The weight will come off easily enough and just as quickly and will stay off.

Rather than seeing January as a foreboding assault course, I would urge that you look to 2016 as the year you decide to adopt healthy eating habits. And the Man Up Lose Weight treatment programme can make sure you succeed.

So keep smiling and a Happy New Year to everyone from Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic and our Man Up weight loss hypnotherapy team.