Weight-Loss Blog Twenty Eight- by Nigel McDermid

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Weight-Loss Blog Twenty Eight- by Nigel McDermid

Weight-Loss NigelHello to you all and apologies to Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic… It’s been a little while now since I last filed a blog for the celebrated Man Up Lose Weight site.

The reason is, I fell a bit poorly a week or so ago. It’s not that the vultures were exactly circling overhead but I was under the weather long enough for my typing finger to become over fond of being idle – so much so, in fact, that I feared I might never coax it to jab a keyboard again.

Happily, though, it’s back in action now and able to help me report on a remarkable fact that I learnt while sick.

Well, I say “remarkable” but I suspect not a lot of folk are going to be too startled by my revelation that weight falls off quite nicely when you’re ill. It might even be common knowledge. And I suppose I should have realised that when the mere thought of lightly buttered toast is enough to send you howling to the toilet bowl it’s likely you’re going to eat a lot less.

Anyhow, my bout of gastric meltdown opened my eyes (along with other things) but other than dropping several pounds there was a secondary aftermath to my unseemly drama. You might recall a little while back I’d pledged not to shave until I’d reached a particular target weight. Progress, though, in this direction was slow enough for me to culture a look not dissimilar to that of Tom Hanks in Castaway.

“You look awful,” was a comment I heard several times.

“I know. I’m not feeling well,” I explained.

“Not that – that thing on your face.”

My beard was then compared to a dead badger or some other grisly roadkill.

So there was some relief all round when my illness-inspired weight loss allowed for my beard loss too. And actually it felt good to free my face of fuzz.

So In a way my sickness did everyone a favour.

My whiskerless mug seemed to meet with overall approval, though there were a few grumbles about the aftershave I chose to splash about a lot. (The beard growing meant I’ve a lot to get through before my next birthday).

Anyhow it’s funny how things work out. The pong of the perfume was actually strong enough to put me off food again for a little while longer. And that saw off a few more ounces. Ta, ra.

I have asked Daniel if he’s likely to adopt any of my pioneering slimming techniques for inclusion of the Man Up Lose Weight programme.

“Don’t hold your breath,” he says.

And then he smells my funky aftershave and I do believe he is holding his breath. So you never know, do you?