Weight-Loss Blog Twenty Nine- by Nigel McDermid

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Weight-Loss Hypnotherapy Blog Twenty Nine

Smile (but don’t say cheese) for Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic

by Nigel McDermid

Dad Up Lose Weight Hypnotherapy LeedsI might point out that I’m not paid for product placements in these blogs that I scribble for Man Up Lose Weight Hypnotherapy.

So, if I mention something by name it’s not because some grinning monkey is dealing me notes off the back of a thick wad of twenties.

Highly principled of me, you might think. But the truth is that no-one’s ever bothered to ask me to endorse any product.

Not even cheese.

Now, I mention cheese because I love the stuff and there was a time I’d have happily waved a flag and shouted loudly: “Eat more Cheddar.”

But nowadays, of course, I have to be more careful. As the face of Man Up Lose Weight, (in much the same way Rihanna bats for Armani), I have to be mindful of my public image. So it’s less Caerphilly and more Careful with that spready stuff, Nige. Or, even better stick to cottage cheese (which is quite apt seeing how it often tastes of glue).

Funnily enough, it was only recently, I was watching telly and there was a nice bloke spouting on about the health of children’s teeth and he said one of the best ways of caring for young gnashers was to eat a piece of cheese at the end of each meal. This was interesting and I daresay very sound advice but it might have been more convincing had the bloke weighed less than 19 stone. He did have good teeth, though.

Anyhow, the point is, that when you’re being mindful of what you eat you have to be mindful, too, of what people want to sell you and/or their motives. Yes, you can have a slice of pizza as a treat, for example, but no, you can’t have pizza every day just because the adverts say it’s topped with low-fat cheese. Be aware. That’s what I’ve learnt from the Man Up programme at Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic.

And that’s why I’m cautious about recommending particular brands of food in my ramblings. That said, and without any brown envelopes being handed to me by Mr Marks or Mr Spencer, I am now going to break my own rule and recommend a product… .Only this past week I tried something that might be of interest to fellow Man Uppers – M&S have brought out a range of “Super”soups. My favourite is Chicken & Super Grain. It’s very tasty and checking on the label very healthy too. There are other varieties for veggies – the pea and mint is very nice.

Of course, you might be a bit shocked to hear that I was shopping in M&S, which I have to admit is a step up from where I used to buy my dinner, ie Bargain Booze. But it’s not all gold-plated trollies down at M&S. And there are even some foods you can pronounce without a degree in languages. I have to say, though, it’s not quite the cheapest store in town – these soups are £2.50 each (feeds two). But if you’re counting the pennies, I daresay you could look up the ingredients and have a fair go at making them yourself. And it’s advice like that which probably explains why I’m never asked to endorse products.

Next time: learn how to build a Dyson vacuum out of party balloons.