Weight-Loss Blog Twenty Six- by Nigel McDermid

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Weight-Loss Blog Twenty Six- by Nigel McDermid

Man Up Welcomes Women Slimmers Too

Weight-Loss NigelMan Up Lose Weight was initially set up by Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic to appeal to the kind of person who might otherwise never give weight loss a thought.

Blokes, in other words.

Apparently, though, the website has also attracted a surprising number of women wanting to sign up and lose weight.

Is this, I wonder (rather proudly) anything to do with my mugshot that accompanies these slimming blogs of mine?

No, says Danny.

Without a pause to consider hurt feelings at such a blunt response, Danny explains that he is proposing to make clear to all women who wish to shed fat that they are more than welcome to join Man Up and reap the rewards.

Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic, of course, already offers help to anyone wishing to lose weight with advice etc to be found on the clinic’s own website at www.leeds-hypnotherapy-clinic.co.uk  – the launch of Man Up, like I said, was introduced as a separate entity with the intention of being a means to target and help a specific type of client.

So, I wonder will Danny, in welcoming women, be now renaming the brand (Wo)Man Up or perhaps something a little more classy like Leeds Ladies That Slim or Oy, Lasses Lose Some Lard.

Apparently not.

For the time being all Danny proposes is making it clear that women are welcome on the Man Up course and that they can benefit just as much as the blokes.

Pretty soon, there’ll be a dedicated page for women on this very site, I’m told.

Say Cheese… But Don’t Eat It!

So, will I be writing a second blog, I wonder? This time one just for the ladies and accompanied by an even more alluring snapshot of my mug.

Apparently not.

I think Danny is of the misguided notion that I might struggle to engage effectively or empathetically with female clients.

I think he means I might upset them.

Geez, Danny, I’m Nigel McD, not Nigel Farage.

I think he’s worried I might make jokes that cause offence.

But how do you judge what’s an offensive joke when nowadays causing offence is easier than falling off a log. Or off a blog. One minute you think you’ve contributed to the collective world of mirth, the next there’s an online petition signed by two million demanding a lot more than just your head on a plate.

Jokes To Laugh Away The Weight (MAYBE)

But I suppose I should stick to jokes with at least some relevance to this blog, so how about: “My pal joined the gym last week and the first machine they put him on was a respirator.”

Then again, who needs wisecracks when reality is more amusing – I read the other week that in Japan, McDonalds burger stores are introducing chocolate-coated fries.