Weight-Loss Blog Twenty Five- by Nigel McDermid

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Weight-Loss Leeds Blog Twenty Five

Can You Scare Yourself Thin? – by Nigel McDermid


Weight-Loss NigelWeight-Loss by scaring yourself? As we should all know by now, Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic’s mean and lean Man Up weight-loss team encourages us to be bright, breezy and, of course, as active as possible in our efforts to slim down to a healthy weight.

So I do my best.

But by nature, I don’t always score full marks and so it’s with some pride I’m able to provide an alternative suggestion for those days when, with the best will in the world, being cheerily active is asking a lot.

As an alternative, then, I present: being terrified.

My scare-away-the-lard programme occurred to me as I watched the trailer for the new film The Revenant – an all-action, blood ‘n’ guts movie with gun and bear fights aplenty.

It oiled my memory banks and though I don’t have vivid recollections of ever being mauled by a grizzly, I do remember being threatened with a gun, (on more than one occasion as it happens), if in less impressive circumstances than those portrayed in The Revenant.

Even so, I can confirm that the phrase “scared witless” is nowhere near colourful enough to convey the reality of such situations.

Not Too Light On His Feet

The incident I’ll relate, occurred when I was aged about nine and I spotted some bloke blundering through woods close to where I lived. Being a big fan of the Lone Ranger and his pal Tonto, I thought it my duty to follow his tracks, which I did, eventually clambering up a wall from where I could see out over open fields. But there was no sight of the man, which was puzzling as I couldn’t imagine where he might otherwise be. The answer was right under my nose – literally. I looked down from my perch and found myself staring down the barrels of a raised shotgun.

I gulped and said “hi” while backing slowly down the wall and then I ran. And when I say “ran” I mean I moved like shit off a hot shovel. My legs pumped so fast that had Usain Bolt been out training he would have rubbed his eyes not only at the dust I was leaving in my wake but in sheer disbelief at my speed. I imagine I covered 100 metres in roughly three seconds. Such is the power of adrenaline.

Energy Burning Benefits for Weight-Loss

From this, I surmised that the release of adrenaline burns up a lot of energy.

My sketchy research on this matter suggests my theory is kind of correct.

Sadly, I learnt my revelation is not new and scientifically, quite complicated. More interestingly, though I stumbled on an article on the Internet from The Daily Telegraph from some years ago, which presented a list of horror movies and the number of calories you might expect to burn up while watching them. Top of the list, you might or might not be surprised to learn, was The Shining at 184 calories. Obviously The Revenant wasn’t mentioned, though if I do go and see this movie I might weigh myself before and after and try to remember to report back my findings.

Pro-Active Weight-Loss Pursuits

I’m thinking, also, that my fear-based weight-loss programme could be extended beyond mere movie watching to embrace more pro-active pursuits – being strapped to the wings of an airborne stunt plane at mealtimes, for example. Or how about eating afternoon tea at Betty’s and then picking up the bill? If that doesn’t scare the fat of you, nothing will.


PS I’ve been asked to point out that none of the above weight-loss suggestions are in any way endorsed by Leeds Hypnotherapy Clinic or the Man Up Lose Weight programme and no animals were hurt in the writing of this blog.